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Volunteer Hour

SSS operates on parent volunteers. The volunteer hour commitment for each family is three hours per month, September 1st to August 31st. Volunteer hours are billed in two six-month periods, (September 1st to February28th and March 1st to August 31st). At the end of each six month period, any unfulfilled hours will be charged at a rate of $20 per hour. Volunteer hours may be carried over each month until August 31st. Families have the option of pre-paying volunteer hours at a rate of $20 per hour.

Families will not be required to fulfill required volunteer hours while their swimmer(s) is inactive status. Volunteer hours cannot be pro-rated during a given month. Even one day of swimming in a month obligated the swimmer's family for volunteer hours that month.

Submitting volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours are tracked and accounted through quarterly statements that verify the number of hours a family has submitted toward their obligation. When an individual volunteers for the team they are required to submit their own hours. Failure to submit your volunteer hours may result in a bill for unmet volunteer hours. SSS recommends that families keep track of their own submitted volunteer hours and reconcile their records with quarterly statements.

When you work a meet, fundraiser, or attend a board meeting, fill out a volunteer form or write down the date, event, job, and time spent, and then drop it into the “volunteer hours” folder at the pool, or email the volunteer tabulator.

Failure to fill out your volunteer forms may result in you being billed for unmet hours.

Volunteer hours should include the following information:

Volunteer and Swimmer(s) Name

Date, Time, Hours, Job Description

Volunteer hours may be submitted:

In Person Use the "Volunteer Hours" file located in the SSS Dues Box at Ives Pool.

By email Direct your email to the current SSS Volunteer Tabulator email address on our SSS website: www.seaserpents.swimtopia.com/contact-us

When swimmers register in September for the upcoming swim year, all unmet volunteer hours from the previous year must be completed or paid before a swimmer can participate.

Important! A good way to meet your volunteer hour commitment and to learn about the sport of swimming is to become a stroke and turn judge. Many meets requireteams to provide one judge for every 15 swimmers in the meet – or the team cannot score. Please, please, please consider becoming a stroke and turn judge.

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