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Glossary of Terms

Clerk of the Course-The desk to whom a swimmer reports at the beginning of the meet in order to be placed into the heat and lane assignment (a.k.a. check-in).

Deck Seeding-A procedure of assigning swimmers to heat and lanes based on times. A deck seeded meet typically means that heats are swum slow to fast, according to entry time.

Far Westerns- This is the highest level of competition for age-group swimming. The Far Western Championship meet is held twice a year. Swimmers qualify by achieving the time standard for the meet.

Finals-The session of a meet where qualifying rounds were held previously to determine finalists. Finalists compete to determine final standings and score points for their team.

LSC-Local Swimming Committee. The Sea Serpents’ LSC is Pacific Swimming (abbreviated PC).

Pacific Swimming-The governing body for swimming in Northern California.

Prelims-In trials and finals meets, the qualifying rounds held for each event to determine finalists.

Pre-Seeded-Procedure of assigning heat and lane assignments prior to the onset of a meet. Pre-seeded meets often do not have a Clerk of the Course desk for check-in.

Proof of Time-A requirement at some meets, usually Junior Olympics and above, to make certain that all swimmers have legally met the time standard for that meet.

REAL-Redwood Empire Aquatic League. This meet is held in the beginning of August each year. SSS focuses on team points and trying to achieve the spirit award each year.

Referee-The USA Swimming official who has the authority over all other officials at the meet. The Referee makes all final decisions and is in charge of efficiently managing the meet.

Scratch-Withdrawing from an event before the event is seeded. A swimmer may also be scratched after a seeded event if excused by the head referee due to injury or illness.

Seed Times-A swimmer’s meet entry time that is used to determine the heat and lane assignment.

SSS-The official club abbreviation of the Sebastopol Sea Serpents.

Time Standards-Qualifying times used to ensure competitors are at reasonably the same ability level.

USA Swimming-United States Swimming. The governing body for amateur competitive swimming in the United States.

USA #-The personal registration number of each athlete member in United States Swimming. The formula is: six-digit birth date, first three letters of the first name, middle initial, first four letters of the last name.

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