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Tips to Be a Successful Swim Team Parent

1. Give your child unconditional support by being warm and encouraging.

2. Support the coaching and team philosophy.

3. Help your child get to practice on time.

4. Use the bleachers to watch your child practice.

5. Speak with the coach if you have a concern or problem as soon as possible.

6. If another parent uses you as a sounding board for complaints, listen sympathetically but encourage the other parent to speak directly to the coach. The coach is the only one who can resolve the problem.

7. Talk to your child before or after – but not during – practice time.

8. Comfort and support your children when setbacks, fear, and discouragement occur.

9. Try not to compare the skill, courage, or attitude of your child with other members of the team. What others are doing is totally irrelevant to what your child is doing. Comparisons ignore and/or discount your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

10. Parents should allow and expect many trials for a child to master a task. Do not keep track of trials or failures. Appreciate the small steps.

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