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Meet Jobs

Following are brief descriptions of job necessary to run our swim team. There is always a job that needs to be done for SSS hosted meets, so don't hesitate to ask a coach about volunteer jobs. Please read carefully and choose a job (or jobs) that sound interesting to you. Then follow through by making sure someone in your family is available for that position, and by making sure that someone on the SSS board of directors or the coach is aware of your interest.

Important! A good way to meet your volunteer hour commitment and to learn about the sport of swimming is to become a stroke and turn judge. Many meets requireteams to provide one judge for every 15 swimmers in the meet – or the team cannot score. Please, please, please consider becoming a stroke and turn judge.

Meet Jobs

Clerk of the Course Checks swimmers in and provides a list of the names of all swimmers in all events, including relay swimmers, to the computer desk for seeding.
Marshal Enforces warm-up procedures for safety reasons, and maintains order in the swimming venue.
Stroke and Turn Judge/Officials Monitors the swimmers’ correct execution of strokes and turns. Official USA training accompanies this position.
Announcer Announces events, swimmers’ names for each heat, and other pertinent information.
Computer Manager Learns the computer program for meet management, also responsible for the smooth running of the meet through the computer.
Computer Data Entry Enters swimmers’ times during the course of the meet, and print the results.
Ribbons and Posting Posts results during the course of the meet, label ribbons, and file those ribbons in their appropriate folders.
Lane Runner Collects lane sheets from the timers and carry those sheets to the desk for computer entry.
Head Timer Organizes timers into their lanes with stopwatches and lane sheets; Acts as a backup timer for each race.
Timer Sits at lane’s end during the meet to time swimmers in your lane, and then record the times onto the appropriate lane sheets. All families will time at away meets.
Meet Director Organizes the home meet, designates team jobs and is responsible for the overall meet operation.
Assistant Meet Director Helps the meet director with the overall organization of the meet.
Starter Announces the event being swum and start each heat of the meet. Official USA training accompanies this job.
Donations Solicits donations for raffles; gifts for officials (often wine); and food and beverages for the snack bar and hospitality.
Snack Bar Staff Works with a committee to prepare and purchase food and drink for the snack bar, prepare the snack bar before the meet, sell food and drinks during the meet, and clean up after the meet.
Hospitality Helps organize the food booth and lunch/dinner for officials, coaches, and meet workers. Hospitality often works closely with the snack bar staff.
Publicity/Public Relations Notifies the newspaper, neighbors, police department, and the City of Sebastopol before events and meets held at Ives Pool.
Set-Up Crew Arrives early to prepare the deck for the meet. This often occurs the night before the meet is scheduled.
Clean-Up Crew Stays after the meet to put everything from the deck back into its storing place.

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