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Meet Fees & Sign Ups

Swim Meet Sheets

Meet sheets are emailed to swimmers that are signed-up. Meets often limit the number of swimmers, so it is important to enter each meet as soon as it is posted on our websites meets & events page.

Swim Meet Sign-Ups Online

All Sebastopol Sea Serpent meet sign-ups are now online at the Meets & Events page on the SSS website.

Just click on “Swim Sign-up” and log in to your swimtopia account to sign-up for each day of the meet. For each meet you will need to change your swimmer's status to "Attending and available for any relay," then click SAVE.  

Repeat these steps for each day of the meet or events your swimmer wants to attend. If you plan to attend multiple days of a swim meet, you may need to sign-up for each day of the meet separately. Sometimes meets are split into sessions or days and you can choose which day/session before hitting SAVE.  On the same page you may also sign-up to for a meet job.

Swim Meet Fees

There is a fee charged to enter each event at meets. Meet fees help cover expenses to the host team and provide a small surplus for the host team’s efforts. There is also a small surcharge to help cover pool costs. Families are responsible for paying meet fees before meet date. 

SSS Meet fees are billed to each swimmers account when swimmers are entered in the meet, whether or not they attend the meet.  

Meets typically close several weeks in advance. Meet fees may vary according to the level of meet. Championships and/or Senior level meets tend to have a higher meet fee. Families are responsible for paying meet fees prior to meet date.

Typical C/B/A+ Meet Fees

Entry Fee $8.00 (this is called "splash fee")

Event Fee $4.50 (per race)

Outreach (Financial Hardship) Qualified Meet Fees

$8 - $10 per meet

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