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Parent - Coach Relations

To have a successful program there must be an understanding among parents, swimmers and coaches. The progress your child makes depends largely on this triangular relationship. Your child is a product of your values, the structure you have provided, and the model you have been. Human nature, however, is such that a parent may lose their ability to remain detached and objective in matters concerning their child’s athletics.

The parent and coach have the best interest of the swimmer in mind when making decisions about them. In addition, coaches must strike a balance among what is best for your child, the needs of the club, and the needs of the training group. Therefore team communication is essential.

If a parent has a problem or concern with a coach, please set up a time with a coach to discuss this issue and together find a solution. Even though the setting is quite different, the pool is very much like a classroom where the coaches are the teachers. All Sebastopol Sea Serpents must abide by USA Swimming Code of Conduct.

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