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Time Classifications

Click here to visit the Pacific Swimming time standards page.

C, B, BB, A, AA, AAA, and AAAA

These time classifications are the motivational time standards used by all of United States Swimming. Virtually all swimmers begin in age-group swimming as a C or B swimmer.

Junior Olympics (JO) & Far Westerns (FW)

These time standards may be specific to Pacific Swimming. Junior Olympics and Far Westerns are the highest level of age-group swimming in our region.

Senior Swimming

Meets in the senior program are generally one of four categories: Senior I, Senior II, Senior III, Senior IV. Meets in the senior program are open to any USA Swimming member regardless of age as long as they have achieved the listed time standard in the event the swimmer wishes to enter in the meet.

Sectional Championships

Sectional Championships is the stepping-stone meet for swimmers who are developing into the fastest swimmers in the nation. The qualifying time standard established for the Sectional Championships are open to senior swimmers from Pacific Swimming and other California LSC’s and is located in the Pacific Swimming Guide.

Junior National Championships

The qualifying time standard for the Junior National Championship meet lies between Sectional Championships and National Championships. Junior Nationals is typically held in August each year.

National Championships

Senior National Championships is the highest time standard used for the United States Swimming National Championships and Olympic Trials. Held twice a year, there are spring and summer meets.

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