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Types of Meets

Fun Meets

Throughout the year, Sebastopol Sea Serpents may offer meets not sanctioned by USA Swimming. These meets are intended as team building activities, and learning experiences, not as serious competition.

Age-Group Meets

These meets categorize swimmers by age-groups such as 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, and 17-18. To compete in age-group meets, swimmers must qualify within the time standard of the meet.

Dual Meets

Dual Meets consist of two teams swimming against each other. They test individual and group strength in each age-group. The meet format of a dual meet is up to the coaches involved.

Non Age-Group Meets

These meets contain time standards that may be referred to as Senior, Senior Trial & Final, Sectional Championships, Junior Nationals, and Senior National Championships. 

Age-Group Open/Invitational Meets

Invitational meets are limited to members of invited clubs, while open meets are open to any swimmer registered with USA Swimming.

Pacific Swimming Championship Meets

These meets are open to all swimmers who meet the time standard.  These meets usually have a trials and finals format rather than timed finals. These meets include Junior Olympics and Far Westerns.

Time-Finals Meets

Most meets in Pacific Swimming are swum as timed finals. In a timed-finals meet, only heats are swum; final placement in an event is determined by each swimmer’s heat time.

Trials & Finals Meets

These meets are generally at a higher level of competition than timed-finals meets. In these meets, trials are swum early in the day. The top-placed swimmers from trials qualify for finals, which is swum later in the day. Finals determine the final placing for an event and team points.

Short-Course and Long-Course Meets

“Short course” and “long course” refer to the size of the competition pool. A short-course competition pool is 25-yards (like Ives Pool); a long-course competition pool is 50-meters. Times can be converted from short course to long course and vise versa; however, they are not always accurate.

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